Weight Loss Tips - Top 5 Holiday Tips For Losing Weight

Are you going to suffer the holiday weight gain blues? Are you aware that the average American gains 5-10lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years?

In order to avoid the 5-10lbs of weight gain, you will need to follow a few quick weight loss tips. These holiday weight loss tips will help you keep your weight under control through this festive time of year.

Before we begin, I want you to get out your pen and paper. What I want you to do is write these weight loss tips down. Are these the be all, end all of weight loss tips...of course not. Although they will help you build some momentum into the new year. So read, then write. After you are done jotting these down, write down the steps you are going to take in the next few weeks to really ramp up your fat loss momentum.

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5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

1) Eat 5-6 protein containing meals per day

This should always be a mainstay. By keeping up on your frequency of healthy eating, you will be less likely to overindulge on the junk. By keeping a lean source of protein in all of your meals you will be controlling your blood sugar levels thereby thwarting fat storage.

2) Daily Exercise

Again, a pretty obvious tip, but do not let the simplicity fool you. Daily exercise does not mean heading to the gym each and every day. It simply means moving your body for a continuous period of time. Try to get in 20-45 minutes of continuous exercise each day. By exercising every day, you will keep your metabolism elevated and help burn off any additional calories you may have taken in throughout the day.

3) Limit Alcohol

Alcohol consumption will be lead to many, many empty calories. Say it with me "Empty calories are bad!". Moderation. Better yet, just say "no". Alcohol not only provides lots of useless calories, but it has profound negative effects on your hormonal levels. If you ingest alcohol, you will be putting yourself in fat storage mode, so limit it as much as possible.

4) Be Careful of Excess Carbs

Here is a brief list of holiday carb sources to avoid or at least limit: Candy, Danish, Muffins, All Sweets, Pasta, Breads, Desserts, Potato Dishes, Corn Based Dishes, Stuffing, Cereals, Juices...and more. Like I mentioned in Weight Loss Tip #1, make sure to get a good source of lean protein in your meals. Lean protein sources include: Lean Meats (Chicken/Turkey Breast, Ground Sirloin, Fish, Canned Tuna in Water, Canned Chicken Breast, Pork Loin), Egg Whites, Egg Beaters, Low/Non-Fat Cottage Cheese, Protein Powders.

5) Increase Water Intake

By increasing your water intake and keeping your frequency of eating to 5-6 times per day, you will be way ahead of the curve when it comes to controlling your metabolism and hunger. By filling up on water, you are in essence, controlling your appetite. I will not go into the other benefits, but water ingested throughout the day and along with meals will help tremendously. Try this quick tip, drink 16+oz of water 15-30 minutes prior to eating. This will help fill your stomach and make you less prone to overeating.

There you have it. 5 quick weight loss tips you can use to not only keep from gaining weight over the holidays, but even lose some weight before the new year even roles around. Like I mentioned earlier, do not let the simplicity fool you. These 5 healthy weight loss tips will help you get a jump start on your New Years weight loss program.

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