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Many dieters constantly seek a weight loss recipe that will change their lives dramatically. They fail to get results with one diet so hopefully switch to another diet, looking for that magical weight loss recipe.

Statistics indicate that most dieters will fail in their attempts at quick weight loss - or indeed to lose any significant weight permanently. They may lose weight initially, but gain it back after a while. Why do they fail and what should they be doing to achieve quick weight loss - or to maintain any weight loss permanently?

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Most diets are based on reducing calories and concentrating on eating certain foods. Our bodies react to this calorie reduction by slowing down the metabolism. The result is that less and less fat is burnt and you don't lose weight. Diets as such, then, are doomed to fail.

Is there a weight loss food that can be taken with a no-weight gain guarantee? Well, you cannot lose permanent weight using just low fat foods, for example, as some people believe. Nor can you keep off the weight eating just low carbohydrate foods. These 'fads' may trick the body metabolism for a while, but eventually you will reach a plateau or you will find the restrictive dieting is too difficult to follow. But don't despair, weight loss food is available!

There is a method called "Shifting Calories Method" that offers a weight loss recipe for successful and permanent weight loss. This involves constantly changing what you eat, so that your body doesn't get used to a set routine. This irregular eating style causes your metabolism to stay high so that your body burns fat faster and more efficiently.

In this eating style your diet plan is calculated, then you periodically rotate your diet and calorie eating pattern so that your body is encouraged to burn more fat and calories efficiently. There is no mundane supply of food to eat; you will have access to a variety of foods via four regular daily meals that will ensure you don't feel hungry at any time, especially in between meals.

Here, then, is your successful weight loss recipe that has been followed by thousands of people from around the world. It will help you to achieve quick weight loss and, more importantly, offer you the way to maintain permanent weight loss.

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Wie Sie hartnäckiges Bauchfett loswerden


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