Fast Weight Loss - Essential Or Deceiving?

Many argue diet- or weight loss programs that offer fast weight loss to be questionable at best, often considered "too good to be true". While this is often the case with diet pills and magic quick fixes, research now shows that losing weight fast is an essential part of successful, lasting weight loss.

Most scientists agree the key of lasting weight loss is a change of lifestyle. This change may sound easy enough, but don't be fooled, old habits die hard.

Many aspects of a person's lifestyle contribute to overweight. Changing just one, or a few, won't do any good. More often than not, you need to change them all, or at least most of what is bad for you and your weight.

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The four most important reasons for overweight are;

Your diet

What you eat and when you eat it is, of course, the single most important factor when gaining weight. If you eat more than you spend, you will gain weight. Some people can eat more than other, its pure genetics. Eating foods with less fat, more fibers and nutrition is a must of you want to loose weight.


Just sitting still all day won't burn much fat. You need to get up and get active. Just increasing your physical activity slightly will make wonders for your weight. It is better to exercise lightly often, than it is to go to the gym twice a year. Any actual exercise is better than the greatest intentions.


Smoking is bad for you! In the long run, smoking will probably kill you, but in the short run it will make you fat and lazy. There's a reason you rarely see athletes smoke, its disastrous for your health. There are several places to quit smoking online, if you are a smoker - quit now.


Most people enjoy an occasional drink now and then, but if these occasions are more of a daily routine, you will have a hard time not gaining weight. Alcohol has many negative health aspects, and being rich in calories do not help its reputation. And, not many people love to work out with a hangover; instead they gorge pizza and other fatty foods. Not too good for your weight.

Fast weight loss as inspiration

Changing all of this at once may very well be overwhelming, so make sure you have your mind set. Loosing weight fast will be a boost to moral, and this is exactly what research shows; fast initial weight loss will motivate people to change their life. Changing your life and seeing now fast results makes most intentions go out the window, seeing results from an early stage will help you fulfill those intentions.

Many weight loss programs are using this method in their diet- and exercise programs, with very good results. Staying with the program is important even after you loose your initial weight; inspiration and motivation are keys to successful, lasting weight loss - make sure you keep it.

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