How to Find a Weight Loss Surgery Center

If you are having a hard time losing weight you feel like a hopeless case, it may be time for you to visit a weight loss surgery center. A weight loss surgery center is a place where morbid obesity is treated by bariatric surgery. Before you decide if you need to go to one or not, there are a few things you need to know.

Be informed

Before visiting a weight loss surgery center for a check-up and evaluation, you need to at least have a familiarity with the surgery procedure. Remember that weight loss surgery is a big life-changing event. You need to think things thoroughly and weigh your options. Arm yourself with complete understanding and knowledge when before visiting the center so you'll have an idea. If you have questions, jot them down. You can ask the experts in the center when you get there. Do not be shy - ask what you want, even if it sounds silly or unimportant.

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A good weight loss surgery center has very knowledgeable counsellors trained to answer every query. Weight loss surgery centers have information hotlines and sections where you can call in or visit anytime to ask questions or simply to ask for information. The information you can expect to gain from the call or visit includes knowledge on obesity, about weight loss surgery, and the aftermath of the surgery. Use your new knowledge for a better understanding of what weight loss surgery is all about.

Do you really need it?

A weight loss surgery center gives you the option to undergo weight loss surgery if you are extremely overweight or morbidly obese. You are morbidly obese if you are 100 pounds overweight and your body mass index (BMI) is over 40. Obesity causes a lot of serious complications like heart disease, diabetes, etc., so if you are obese, go to the center as early as possible. If you are just a bit overweight, though, the center may advise you to just enrol in a non-surgical weight loss program. Their therapists, registered dietitians, psychologists, and trainers may be able to help you.


Before checking into a weight loss surgery center, remember to check of your insurance covers their procedures. Ask them to call your insurance company for pre-approval. If you do not have insurance, check whether the center has connections to lending institutions that can provide you with financial assistance.

Check their reputation

According to the American College of Surgeons, you should choose a center that is able to complete at lease 125 surgeries in a year. Furthermore, ensure that the center is well-equipped with 2 or more highly experienced surgeons among the staff and are certified by the ACS.

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