Seven Habits of Natural Weight Loss

Are you discouraged about your weight and frustrated with finding methods for natural weight loss? I've been there! After losing 80 pounds and going from a size 22 to a size 8, I've learned that there are no quick fixes to this issue. I searched for them for over 20 years and seized on any diet that seemed to offer hope. But after the diets, the only thing that ultimately ended up lighter was my wallet. Any weight I'd lost always came back--plus more. That is until I discovered natural weight loss principles.

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If you are tired of the 'lose/gain/lose/gain even more' cycle, then the following are seven natural weight loss principles that can help you lose weight permanently. They worked for me and I urge you to put them to the test yourself.

1. Practice spiritual disciplines daily (prayer, praise, worship, Word)

Spiritual practice is important because it keeps you grounded no matter what happens to you. Prayer, maintaining an attitude of gratitude for your blessings, and regular bible study will give you peace and stability, which will help you make wiser decisions in all areas of your life, including your health.

2. Renew your mind to support your efforts

It's almost impossible to change your habits if you constantly feed yourself negative messages like 'This is too hard' 'I'll do it tomorrow' and 'I'm tired of this.' If you find yourself becoming discouraged, watch your thought life. Change your thoughts to those that support your goals like 'I'm getting healthier every day' 'I can do this' 'I'm going to succeed' and 'I enjoy taking care of myself'. Being your biggest encourager is key to natural weight loss.

3. Drink water, not sugared or diet drinks

Save your calories for food that will fill you up. Sugared drinks don't satisfy hunger. In fact, they cause increased hunger and mood swings because of blood sugar fluctuations. It's estimated that Americans consume 65 lbs. each year from sugared and juice drinks alone! This one change may help you lose a dress or pant size by this time next year.

Since drinking diet drinks ultimately cause sugar cravings, you are better off drinking the natural, no calorie beverage that God designed for the body: water. It's an easy way to lose weight naturally.

4. Eat the SANE way

SANE stands for

Start when you are hungry Appreciate every bite No food is forbidden End when signaled The first tip reminds you to eat according to your body's hunger, not to deal with stress, boredom, and emotional upsets. If you are eating when your body is not hungry, then you need to get behind the reasons why. Appreciating every bite means to slow down, taste, and enjoy your food. Give yourself at least 20 minutes to eat your meals. This allows the body's natural appetite regulator to help you eat just the right amount to satisfy your body's needs without overeating.

No food is forbidden means that no food is off limits to you. But you want to educate yourself on the effects certain foods have on your body so you can decide whether to include them regularly in your diet or not.

End when signaled is a reminder to stop eating when your body is no longer hungry, not to the point of fullness, important to portion control and natural weight loss.

5. Eat mostly health-building foods

At least 80% of the time, eat foods that build the body's health, like fruits and vegetables, whole grains or starchy vegetables (whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice, corn, sweet potatoes) and lean protein (fish, chicken, turkey, beans, or low fat dairy products). If you fix a plate for a meal, then the best way would be to fill 1/2 of your plate with vegetables, fill another 1/4 of the plate with whole grains or starchy vegetables, and fill the last 1/4 of the plate with protein foods. When fixing your plate, make sure that you leave spaces between each food type so you can actually see the bottom of the plate. This visual cue can help you control portion amounts and is critical to natural weight loss.

Finally use fruit as between meal snacks if you become hungry.

6. Eat few health-destroying foods

Health-destroying foods are those of little nutritional value like chips, cookies, candy, cake, fast food, etc. These foods are generally made with sugar, white flour, and fat. You won't forbid yourself to have these foods, but since large amounts of them can destroy your health, you want to limit them as much as possible. Save them for rare occasions, like birthdays and holidays. Also, be sure to limit portion sizes when you do eat them to minimize the damage.

7. Move your body for form and function most days of the week

Your body was designed to move, pure and simple. Functional exercises are those that involve the large muscles of the legs and backside, like walking, dancing, biking, jogging, etc. Form exercises are those that improve the body's strength and shape, like weight training. You need a mix of both for weight loss. In fact, weight training helps you burn more calories, even at rest so you can burn fat while you sleep!

For optimum health and weight loss, the goal is to incorporate functional exercise for 30-45 minutes 5 days a week and form exercises for 3 days a week. If you want to, you can break your exercise sessions up into 10 or 15 minute increments each day. For example, three 10 minute sessions of exercise each day still add up to 30 minutes. The results are just as good as if you had completed the 30 minutes in one session. When using the seven habits for natural weight loss, consistency is the most important factor for success. If you commit to practicing the habits every day, then you can be sure that the weight you lose will stay gone. You will also become more healthy, energetic, and vital so that you can enjoy your life more and give your best to others.

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